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Guide to the Financial Management of your Culture project

Confused about eligible costs? Baffled by the exchange rate? Worried about reporting? The Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) has made an e-tutorial to help you gain a deeper understanding of the financial management of a Creative Europe Culture sub-programme project. This can not only help you to improve how you run a Creative Europe-supported project, but it can also assist you whilst you put together the budget for your application.

Even better, our colleague Shauna McNeilly at Creative Europe Desk UK – Northern Ireland has turned the tutorial into a PDF, which you can download from the Publications section of our website. This guide is a useful resource both for successful applicants who are running Creative Europe-funded projects and for potential applicants who would like to know a few more details about the financial processes before applying. 

The PDF document is based on the e-tutorial provided by the EACEA and is relevant to all Culture sub-programme funding strands. This overview is intended for guidance only and full guidelines can be found on the website of EACEA, which administers Creative Europe.