Poet Gabriel Rosenstock and writer Alan Titley

Foras na Gaeilge involved in Cooperation Project

Foras na Gaeilge, the government body in both the North and the South of Ireland for the development of the Irish language, is involved in a successful Cooperation Project application and has been awarded funding from Creative Europe. 

The project, entitled Other Words, aims to raise the profile of literary works and translations created in small and minority languages in Europe. Other Words will create a network of creative placements for minority or lesser used language writers, cooperating with cultural agents in countries where those languages are spoken. The proposal will provide partners with the necessary know-how to improve the access to cultural and creative sector of literary translation in small and minority languages in Europe. In addition to Foras na Gaeilge, partners from Spain, Slovenia, former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Sweden are participating in the project. This Small Cooperation Project will receive the maximum grant of €200,000. 

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Photo: Poet Gabriel Rosenstock and writer Alan Titley. Courtesy Foras na Gaeilge.