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Focus on incoming mobility routes with Arts Infopoint UK and Latitude Law

Creative Europe Desk UK Culture team and Arts Infopoint UK partnered with immigration solicitors Gary McIndoe and Shara Pledger at Latitude Law for a webinar in December 2020 focused on supporting UK arts, cultural and heritage organisations adapt to changes to rules on incoming short-term mobility of EU & EEA artists and other cultural professionals from 1 January 2021.

If you missed this webinar you can catch-up and watch the recording here on YouTube.

Latitude Law have also shared this FAQ document with resources regarding UK visitor immigration rules.

Other contributors featured include:

  • Zelie Flach from Arts Infopoint UK (and Wales Arts International)
  • Taghrid Chouchair Vizoso from Shubbak Festival
  • Daniel Gorman from English PEN
  • Marie Fol, President of On the Move
  • Jana Grünewald from Touring Artists in Germany.

Creative Europe Desk UK and Arts Infopoint UK will be looking at running further events in the new year, so please do get in touch on what you found useful and what you would have liked to have seen included in this online session, so that we can improve for future events.

Find more guidance about Brexit and the end of the transition period in our Creative Europe UK participation guidance page.


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