FOCAL launches new training programme for experienced producers

Creative Europe-funded training provider Focal Resource has launched a new training programme: The International Producers Pooling Programme – IPPP. 

Dedicated to experienced producers who wish to improve their skills alongside peers and other professionals, IPPP offers a collaborative training and development opportunity in which producers come together to share previous experiences and define their own project-based training programme based on their own interests and aims.

Who is it for?

IPPP is designed for experienced, active, and internationally-minded producers. You must have an independent registered company with a significant production track-record across the audio-visual sector, either in film, TV, games or VR projects.

How it works

With the support of the training provider, groups of three to five producers from different countries form a self-chosen pool for a period of 12 months to collaborate in exploring particular topics and aims that they have defined together.

The budget allocated per pool amounts to between €60,000 and €100,000, depending on the number of production companies involved.

The programme takes place from January to December 2019, and the deadline for registrations is 26 November 2018. There are no participation fees.

For more details and to access the application form, visit FOCAL’s website.

IPPP is administered by FOCAL resource, in consultation with two other Creative Europe-funded training providers, ACE Producers and EAVE, and is supported by 10 national film funding agencies.