ON THE BLOG: Five questions for The Game Bakers

French indie studio The Game Bakers received Video Games funding for Furi - their action shoot 'em up video game. Audrey Leprince, Co-founder, Executive Producer and Narrative Director, tells us about their experience applying to Creative Europe, including how the funding helped build a solid presentation to find the remaining funds, and talks about narrative in their game.

Tell us about your company

“Game Bakers is an independent game studio. To sum it up we say we make games like we cook food: with a lot of love. We want to create that experience that players remember, that they have fantasies about long after the game is finished, that makes them feel alive and energised. Our studio is based in Montpellier in France – but we are about ten people as a core team, and dispatched all over the world.”

You recently received video games funding from Creative Europe. Can you tell us a bit about the application process? Were there challenges and if so how did you overcome them?

“The main challenge was actually to understand the exact meaning of language used in the forms, it's a very formal way of explaining, and some of the words used come from the movie industry, which doesn't have exactly the same meaning for us in videogame industry (for instance "development"). But this year I noticed it had been radically improved and everything is much clearer. Apart from that, it is a very competitive fund, many projects are presented so it is very hard to be selected.”

The funding supports narrative games, how does Furi tell a story?

“In Furi you play a man who has been jailed and is trying to regain his freedom while understanding what happens to him. It's a game that raises questions about freedom, about our self-determination, and the price we are willing to pay for our own freedom.”

How has the MEDIA grant helped?

“It helped a lot as it was a grant that arrived very early in the development process for Furi, so it helped us build a solid presentation to find the remaining funds and eventually to stay independent  and self-publish the game.”

What advice would you give to potential applicants of this scheme?

“It's a very competitive fund, so make sure your presentation is top of the class. Also try to attend the presentations given by the Creative Europe people, they are very good at easing you in the process, and an occasion to make sure you are clear on everything.”

Image: still from Furi

Tess Ritchie