Fabulamundi playwrights from across Europe connect in London

Led by PAV in Italy, Fabulamundi. Playwriting Europe: Beyond Borders is a Cooperation Project launched in 2017 and supported by Creative Europe. It aims to support and promote contemporary playwriting across Europe.

The project involves 80 authors from eight different European countries and 15 partners from theatres, festivals and cultural organisations across 10 EU countries, including the UK’s Creative Skillset. It's an ambitious project that will see 200 texts in circulation across Europe by 2020.

As a new addition to the 2017 - 2020 Fabulamundi project edition, the 80 selected Fabulamundi playwrights are benefiting from professional development 'Mobility Programmes (Mob Pros)', which each partner country designs, develops and runs.

The first ‘Mob Pro’ was held in London from 25- 27 April 2018, and hosted by UK partner Creative Skillset. It brought together eight playwrights to connect with other theatre professionals, share their work, exchange experiences, reflect on the theme ‘Beyond Borders’ and learn more about the UK theatre world.

A range of established UK theatre professionals shared their insights including Dennis Kelly (Playwright), Sissi Lichtenstein (Owner & Co-founder of International Performing Rights Limited), Rikki Beadle-Blair (MBE) (Playwright, Director, Producer) and Caitlin McLeod (Director), among others.

The eight participating Fabulamundi playwrights were:

  • Bernhard Studlar (Austria)
  • David Košťák (Czech Republic)
  • Guillaume Poix (France)
  • Jakob Nolte (Germany)
  • Francesca Garolla (Italy)
  • Anna Wakulik (Poland)
  • Olga Macrinici (Romania)
  • Helena Tornero (Spain)

Fabulamundi Project Leader, Claudia Di Giacomo gave her reaction to the London event:

"These Mob Pros are a crucial stepping stone in our new Fabulamundi project phase and our long-term goal of stimulating creative dialogues and international mobility of our playwrights and their texts. The Mob Pro in London was a great opportunity for our eight participating authors to share and discuss different points of view and to build contacts with professionals and stakeholders from major London theatres. It offered a glimpse into a diverse theatrical environment, in terms of approach and background, from those we know and come from. This three-day experience in London was a fruitful kick off for future Mob Pros, which will continue across Europe up to November 2019."

Find out more about Fabulamundi, which received €1,626,655 from Creative Europe for a three-year project in 2017.

Image: courtesy of Joachim Kern