European Commission launches two call for proposals to support subtitling

In June, the European Commission announced the publication of two calls to increase the circulation of film and TV through subtitling. 

Preparatory Action "Subtitling European cultural TV content across Europe"

The objective of this call is to test new business models for European audiovisual media service providers, and assess whether the provision of subtitled versions of TV shows could increase audience numbers both in and outside of the EU. It also aims to faciltiate the online distribution of cultural content across borders and compare the audience reach of subtitled and non-subtitled content, sharing results with EU stakeholders and public policy makers.

Preparatory Action "Crowdsourcing subtitling to increase the circulation of European works" 

The European Commission is putting €1 million behind an initiative to find innovative solutions for film translation and the tracking of different language versions of films. The aim is to increase the availability and circulation of European films by cutting the costs of subtitling and making better use of public funding for film translation.

Last year, three projects were selected under a similar call, to identify how crowdsourcing or other innovative solutions might reduce the prohibitive costs of subtitling.

The deadline for applications to both calls is 15 September 2017. 

For more information and to download the relevant forms, follow the links shown.

Image Credit: Toni Erdmann