European Commission

European Commission announces results of calls on creative sector research

The results of a series of calls for creative sector research and pilot projects, published by the European Commission in August and September 2015, have now been announced. The European Commission is keen to conduct research into current trends and to identify potential for growth and innovation in the creative sector. The findings and outcomes from these studies and pilot projects help to shape the development of their policies in the future.

  • European expert network on culture and audiovisual (EENCA)
    Panteia B.V. leads the contract with Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) for this tender. It focuses on the improvement of cultural and audiovisual policy development in Europe through the establishment of an effective network of culture and audiovisual industry experts and leading European centres.

Inovamais - Servicios de Consultadoria em Inovaçãos Tecnológicas S.A (leader);
Kea European Affairs;
Addict – Agência para o Desenvolvimento das Indústrias Criativas;
Visiting Arts;
Librios Limited;;
Fonds Roberto Cimetta;
Elia – The European League of Institutes of the Arts.

  • EU network of creative hubs and co-working spaces
    This project aims to reinforce networks of creative hubs, strengthen transnational and cross-sectoral cooperation within the cultural and creative sectors, and enhance exchanges of experience and best practice between EU creative hubs and cultural and creative sectors. A consortium of organisations has been chosen to carry out this project:

British Council (leader);
European Business and Innovation Centre Network;
Bios Exploring Urban Culture;
Addict - Agência para o Desenvolvimento das Indústrias Criativas;
Betahaus GmbH & Co. KG;
Kulturni Kod;
Creative Edinburgh Limited;
Factoria Cultural – Vivero de Industrias Creativas.

Fondazione Fitzcarraldo (leader);
Culture Action Europe;
ECCOM Progetti srl;
Intercult Productions Ek. För.