European Cinema Night

The inaugural edition of European Cinema Night will take place between 3 and 7 December this year, across 34 cinemas in 27 member states, celebrating the richness and diversity of European film culture.

Renowned cinemas belonging to the Europa Cinemas network, which is supported by the Creative Europe Cinema Network scheme, will host a free screening of a film that has received MEDIA support in the last two years. 

The UK's representative is the Rio Cinema in Dalston, which will be showing Pawel Pawlikowski's Cold War on Wednesday 5 December, alongside a panel discussion on the future of European filmmaking in the light of current political uncertainty. The event will begin at 6pm with a drinks reception and the film will start at 6.30pm. Tickets can be registered for here, with two allocated per person. 

The European Commission has shaped the audiovisual sector through the MEDIA programme since 1991. MEDIA is very successful in supporting the competitiveness of the audiovisual industry and cultural diversity in Europe. One of its most substantial actions is providing financial support to the distribution of European films outside their country of production. Every year on average over 400 films are made available to the public in another European country with MEDIA's help. 

Pawel Pawlikowski's passionate post-war romance Cold War has received funding through a number of Creative Europe funding schemes. To date this has included:

  • A grant for the development of the film for Polish production company Opus Films, through the Slate funding scheme in 2014. 
  • French sales agent MK2 used money they had generated through the Sales Agents scheme to invest in the project.
  • Distributors in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Spain also used the support they had generated through the Automatic distribution scheme to invest in the film.
  • Finally, over €660,000 was received by distributors in 26 countries through the Selective distribution scheme to support the increased promotion of the film across Europe, including in the UK, via Curzon Film World.