Shaun the Sheep on an overloaded quadbike

European Animation Plan launched at Cartoon Forum

The European Animation Plan was launched at this year's Cartoon Forum.

Following meetings held between key players in the animation sector, the plan makes suggestions on how best to support the sector in scaling up.

The European Commission supported and endorsed this industry initiative and will take recommendations into account when designing future support for the animation sector. The MEDIA sub-programme has suported the sector in a variety of ways, from co-production markets (including MIFA Annecy, Cartoon Forum and Cartoon Movie) to support for the development, and distribution of animated projects for cinema and television.

The plan notes the industry’s potential for growth due in part to its eagerness to explore new technologies and business models, as well as its potential to foster collaboration across borders.

The main objectives of the five year plan are:

  • to foster the global reach of European animation
  • to make Europe an attractive workplace for European talent and talent from abroad
  • to improve access to finance at all levels.

The plan reflects on how the MEDIA sub-programme can respond to these objectives and meet the challenge of upscaling the European animation industry in the current funding period but also beyond 2020.

To find out more watch the video below or download the full plan from the Cartoon website.

Welcome to the world of European Animation from CARTOON on Vimeo.

Image credit: Shaun the Sheep: The Farmer's Llamas, one of the projects supported by Creative Europe from leading UK animation company Aardman Animaitons.