Screening at the Piazza Maggiore for the Il Cinema Ritrovato festival

Europa Cinemas invites exhibitors to its Innovation Lab

Europa Cinemas and Cineteca di Bologna invite European cinema exhibitors to participate in their Audience Development Innovation Lab, which takes place in Bologna, Italy, as part of the Il Cinema Ritrovato festival from 27 June to 1 July 2015.

The Bologna Session 2015: Creating the demand for a diverse cinema will ask how exhibitors can reach those that aren’t (yet) engaged in a diverse range of world cinema and why it should be done. Furthermore, in an environment where films can be accessed on a proliferating range of platforms, what are the challenges and opportunities for cinemas and audiences on and offline? In amongst all the noise and choice, how can we consult with young people and collaborate with partners in our local communities to co-create brands, offers and experiences that are in tune with a generation of digital natives?

The focus of the seminar, taking place within a festival that is dedicated to rediscovering lost or forgotten films, is on the vital role that cinemas can play in providing a local context to renew the demand for the rich and diversified range of European and world cinema. 

The seminar will be directed by Madeleine Probst, Programme Producer at the Watershed, Bristol. She, together with Petra Slatinšek (Film Education and Kinobalon Programme Manager, Kinodvor, Slovenia) and Mathias Holtz (Programming Manager, Folkets Hus och Parker, Sweden), will draw on practical case studies from within and beyond the exhibition sector, inspiring participants to share good practice, rethink their approaches and expand their networks.

For full information on attending the seminar, visit the Europa Cinemas website. Please note that places are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.