Europa Cinemas awarded over €10 million to support 1,121 cinemas

In the latest round of funding from the Cinema Networks scheme, Europa Cinemas, a network uniting more than a 1,000 cinemas in 44 countries, has been awarded €10.9 million to continue its promotion and circulation of a diverse range of European films. 

The network began in 1992, with 106 screens across 45 cinemas. Twenty-six years later, it boasts nearly 3,000 screens across 1,121 cinemas. Europa Cinemas’ main objective is to provide operational and financial support to cinemas that undertake to programme a significant number of non-national European films and to put in place activities for young audiences.

In addition, through various activities, including innovation labs in Sofia, Bologna and Seville and their annual meeting in Cannes, the network offers training to cinema staff and creates opportunities for members to network, interact and exchange ideas that foster creative approaches to audience development.

Despite the continual disruption in the distribution and exhibition landscape, the network plays an active and interactive role in how audiences consume films, utilising technological advances and proactively sharing collective data and case studies to better understand the preferences and behaviours of audiences. 

60% of the films screened across the network are European, which is a much higher percentage than in other commercial cinemas. The top rated film of 2017, ranked by admission, was Ruben Östlund’s The Square. All the facts and stats can be found in the network's latest annual review

In the UK there are currently 43 cinemas that participate in the Europa Cinemas network including Filmhouse Edinburgh, MAC Birmingham, Broadway Nottingham, Barbican Cinema, ICA, Watershed Bristol, Belmont Filmhouse Aberdeen, Curzons Bloomsbury, Soho, Richmond and Mayfair and the Regent Street Cinema. 67% of the screens supported are based outside of London. If you are interested in your cinema becoming a member, see their website for details on eligibility and how to apply. 

Mark Cosgrove, Cinema Curator at Watershed Bristol, says "Watershed’s cinemas core purpose is to present Bristol audiences with the diversity of film and support from the Europa Cinemas network is essential to us in promoting European film culture. Being a member of Europa Cinemas not only encourages us to develop the exhibition of European films but also connects Watershed to like-minded colleagues across Europe to share practice, challenges and successes in engaging new and young audiences. As an independent UK cinema being part of Europa Cinemas network provides rich opportunities for professional development for staff and well as  inspiring and emboldening our exhibition practice."

See the official results on the European Commission's website.

Image: Watershed Bristol is one of the 1,000-strong network of cinemas, across 677 cities supported by this fund.