One Land Many Faces

EU-funded One Land Many Faces travels to Swansea

Following its tour through Spain, Germany, Hungary and Belgium, the performance of One Land Many Faces arrives in Swansea’s Volcano Theatre on 29 September and is showing until 2 October. 

The production questions whether it is possible to build a European identity and each iteration of the performance changes and adapts according to the day, the location and the audience. If you purchase a ticket to see One Land Many Faces, you will be also be invited to a free afternoon session with the performers, where you can explore what it means to be European and have an influence on that evening’s performance. 

One Land Many Faces is a collaborative artistic and social project working across Europe, with additional artistic contributions from South Africa, South Korea and USA. This Cooperation Project, funded under the EU Culture programme (2007-2013), involves the following European partners: 

  • One La Transplanisphère (France) 
  • Institut Français (France) 
  • Bildung und Integration (Germany) 
  • Maison de la Création (Belgium) 
  • Ortzai Teatro (Spain) 
  • Sin Arts (Hungary) 
  • Volcano Theatre (Wales)