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EU Commission publishes brochure on Creative Europe music projects

The EU Commission has published a new brochure, Creative Europe Culture: Music Projects, which features inspiring examples of music projects funded by Creative Europe's Culture sub-programme since 2014.

Music constitutes an important pillar of European culture, under the framework Music Moves Europe, and among the cultural and creative sectors it is probably the one that reaches the largest audience. Music has the power to promote cultural diversity, inclusion and creativity and thus fully responds to the objectives and priorities of the Creative Europe programme. This publication presents highlights of music projects funded by Creative Europe across different schemes: European Cooperation projects, Refugee integration projects, European Platforms and European Networks.

More than 120 music projects have been financed by Creative Europe during the period 2014-2019 for over EUR 80 million. 

Successful UK organisations and projects featured include:

  • Liverpool Sound City Festival
  • London Symphony Orchestra
  • PRS Foundation
  • Scottish Ensemble 

For more information view and download the brochure here.


Image by Louise Mather