EAVE Producer’s Workshop

Don’t miss out on Creative Europe-funded training and markets

EAVE, Berlinale Talents, CineMart and many other exciting opportunities all have deadlines in September. Make sure to enroll and grow your international network.

The call for applications to EAVE Producers Workshop 2017 is now open until 16 September and UK participants are welcome to apply.

The year-long course, which is funded through Creative Europe’s Training scheme, is aimed at fiction and documentary producers who wish to work internationally and build their European network. The course also welcomes applicants from associated areas of the industry, such as commissioners, funders, festival staff and market organisers, and is structured around three week-long workshops that focus on professional development and the development of fiction and documentary projects.

Hear from previous participants of the course on the European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs's (EAVE’s) Vimeo page and find out more about how to apply on their website.

Other forthcoming courses that UK producers, writers and directors are eligible to apply for include:

  • Berlinale Talents - a creative networking platform for film and TV drama series professionals. Deadline: 1 September
  • CineMart - a financing market offering filmmakers the opportunity to launch their ideas to the international film industry, including co-producers, funds, sales agents and other potential financiers.  Deadline: 1 September
  • DocLab Academy 2016 - an international program for new talent in the field of documentary storytelling and interactive media. Deadline: 12 September
  • Asian Side of the Doc - an international co-production platform and sales market for documentaries and specialist factual in Asia. Deadline: 22 September
  • Torino Film Lab’s Script & Pitch - an advanced script development course spread over three weeks for scriptwriters and directors of feature films from all over the world. Applications open in September
  • Torino Film Lab also has a number of other courses with applications opening soon
  • Documentary Campus Masterschool - four intensive workshops focused on shaping your documentary ideas for TV and web across all genres and formats. Deadline: 30 November
  • Sources 2 Script Development Workshops - a seven-day programme for professional scriptwriters and teams of writers, producers or directors with a feature-length film project in development. Deadline: 1 December 

Creative Europe also funds a range of other audiovisual training courses, not only for producers but also for animators, writers, exhibitors, distributors, film festivals and students, which UK applicants can apply for. 

Following the EU referendum result there are no immediate material changes to the current arrangements for those who have successfully applied, are currently being assessed, or are planning to apply to Creative Europe-funded international training courses, markets and festivals. Read the full update on Creative Europe and the outcome of the EU-referendum in the news section of our website. 

Image: EAVE Producer’s Workshop via the EAVE website.