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Culture update: What to expect from Creative Europe and the EU for the rest of 2020

If you’ve seen our latest Creative Europe and Brexit update from 2 March you’ll know that although the UK has left the EU, the UK is still in Creative Europe until December 2020 (and possibly beyond). However, there’s still plenty to keep an eye out for, and the Creative Europe Desk UK team is still here, offering online, phone and email consultations, and continuing to encourage people to explore EU funding opportunities and European partnerships.

Kate Deans, our Culture sub-programme specialist in Scotland, has put together this long-read summary of what you need to know and what to expect for the rest of 2020, part of a new series of Culture blog posts.


2020 so far…

There were plenty of calls in the first half of 2020, including a special Cooperation Projects call for collaboration with Western Balkan countries; two Music Moves Europe calls for music education & learning and co-creation and co-producing; a cross-sector call focusing on bridging cultural and audiovisual content through digital; and our annual (and final) literary translation deadline.

Our sectors have been hit hard by the current Covid situation, and Mariya Gabriel, EU Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth, announced several measures in which it is seeking to support the creative, cultural and audiovisual sectors through this difficult time. This includes maximum flexibility where possible for ongoing Creative Europe supported projects, along with other measures such as repurposing and recalibrated existing and upcoming schemes under the current EU budget, including those in Creative Europe and in Erasmus Plus (more on some of these calls later in this article).


UK Participation in Creative Europe

“As guaranteed by the Withdrawal Agreement, UK organisations can continue to apply for Creative Europe funding opportunities until the current programme ends in December 2020.

UK organisations remain fully eligible for Creative Europe funding opportunities until 31 December 2020, and when selected will receive funding for the entire duration of their projects, even if these run beyond 2020. This also applies to projects currently in progress.”

This also applies to other EU funding programmes like Erasmus Plus, Europe for Citizens, Interreg and Horizon 2020. More information on this, and the post 2020 situation is available, as usual, on our Creative Europe Desk UK Brexit developments page.

First up, which opportunities are coming up under Creative Europe?

If a call is from the current Creative Europe programme budget (2014 – 2020 work programme), then UK applicants are still fully eligible to apply as normal.


Calls for tender

There are several calls open at the moment for one contractor or consortium to run a specific initiative or pilot fund on behalf of the European Commission. These calls will mean that there will be further pilot funds announced later in the year once the contracts have been awarded. Keep your eyes peeled for the funds which emerge from these contracts, as UK applicants will be eligible.

  • OPEN: Call for tender to conduct a pilot project on collecting useful data on the creative and cultural sectors across Europe.

  • OPEN: Call for tender to design and deliver a pilot fund to support the cross-border circulation and digital distribution of performing art works (except music).

  • OPEN: Call for tender to design and deliver an innovative support scheme for a sustainable music ecosystem under Music Moves Europe.

  • OPEN: Call for tender to implement steps to develop and promote European music export under Music Moves Europe

  • CLOSED: Call for tender to design and deliver the next wave of i-Portunus pilot mobility funding for individuals

Related opportunities for individuals and organisations

These contracts mean that once they are awarded, we should have new pilot calls under the following themes open to UK applicants:

  • Support measures for the music ecosystem under Music Moves Europe
  • Mobility funds for individual artists and other cultural professionals under i-Portunus
  • Funds and an online platform supporting the cross-border circulation and digital distribution of performing art works in theatre, dance, circus and street arts

Other EU funding programmes have schemes open to cultural organisations too!

 Erasmus Plus 

If you have plans with your European partners around vocational training, adult education, or working with young people, Erasmus Plus might be for you! 

Erasmus Plus is a lifelong learning programme. You can read about upcoming Erasmus Plus deadlines for vocational training, adult education, and youth on 
the UK contact point website, co-managed by Ecorys and British Council

  • Mobility and partnerships with young people - final deadline specifically for Youth on 1 October.
  • Mariya Gabriel also mooted a new fund under the current Erasmus Plus programme focusing on linking adult education institutions to the cultural world. When we hear more on this we’ll let you know.

    Update 14/8/20: Erasmus Plus

     adopted a revised 2020 Work Programme with €200m extra to boost digital education, skills development and inclusion through creativity and the arts, providing a strong response to the Covid19 crisis.

Europe for Citizens

A lesser-known EU funding programme worth exploring... Europe for Citizens has calls for Civil Society Projects, Town Twinning and Networks of Towns on 1 September. There is no UK contact point for this programme, but the Irish contact point has plenty of useful information in English.


To hear about these and other opportunities as they come out make sure you sign up to our newsletter , and follow our social media channels (@CEDUK_Culture). We’re here to help and provide information during these complicated times, so please get in touch if you’d like us to speak or be present at any upcoming (online) events or gatherings and we’ll do our best to join. And as usual, if any of the above opportunities pique your interest, don’t hesitate to drop us a line to discuss further.

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Image: Kate Deans, Culture - Scotland, Edinburgh Panel Event 2019