Grace Jones in Grace Jone  Bloodlight and Bami

Creative Europe at Toronto International Film Festival

The European Film Promotion’s (EFP) Umbrella stand returns to Toronto International Film Festival for the second time this month (TIFF, 7–17 September).

The stand is co-funded by Creative Europe’s MEDIA sub-programme and aims to promote the diversity of European cinema and to enhance its visibility at key industry festivals outside of Europe. With 160 European films and co-productions set to screen at TIFF, the EFP Umbrella acts as a hub for members who are not represented by their own stand, serving as a central meeting point for business and networking.

Learn more about the EFP Umbrella Stand at TIFF.

EFP have also announced details of the 44 films in the festival programme that receive funding through Film Sales Support (FSS) an initiative also funded through Creative Europe’s Access to Markets scheme. The FSS fund contributes towards the promotion of European films at selected non-European film festivals.

UK supported titles in the FFS’s 2017 line-up include:

A full list of EFP supported films can be found on their website.

Image Credit: Grace Jones in Sophie Fienne's Grace Jones: Bloodlight and Bami, one of European Film Promotion's FSS supported features at TIFF.