Poster for Mona Lisa, a game by Italic Pig

UK video games companies awarded over €500,000 from Creative Europe

Results for one of Creative Europe's newest funding opportunities, offering support for the development of Video Games in 2015, have recently been published and UK companies have received more than any other country across Europe.

There were 31 successful companies, four of which are based in the UK: Italic Pig, Revolution Software, The Chinese Room and SFB Games.

The UK received the highest total allocation of €547,000 from the EU-wide budget of €3.4 million. The Netherlands and Denmark were also awarded a large proportion of the available grants: €499,000 and €454,000 respectively.  

The competition for these non-repayable grants, intended to support the early development stages of a game (up to the first playable version), was substantial. Altogether 182 applications were received from 24 countries. The highest number of applications came from Spain (25), followed by the UK (22) and France (18). The full list of results can be viewed on the European Commission's website

Most of the projects that have been successful in securing funding fall under the adventure, role-play or strategy categories, in response to Creative Europe’s requirement for the supported game to have a strong narrative component. The games will be developed for a variety of platforms, with PC and handheld devices dominating over consoles. Four of the 31 games are specifically targeted at young audiences under 12 years old.

Kevin Beimers from Italic Pig, a games company specialising in character-driven adventures based in Northern Ireland, received a grant of €122,500 to develop a game entitled Mona Lisa:
“We are so excited to be diving into our next wild adventure game so hot on the heels of our last one. As a company that believes that the story is the key element to a great game, it’s wonderful to know that Creative Europe is providing funding specifically for great stories and great ideas in games and other media.
In a world where match-3s, endless-runners and open-world shmups are saturating the market, it’s so great to know that there’s an organisation out there that still believes in the importance of a good story.”

Photo courtesy Italic Pig, the studio that brought you Schrödinger's Cat and the Raiders of the Lost Quark