Creative Europe supports 46 audiovisual markets

In the latest round of funding through the Access to Markets scheme, Creative Europe has awarded grants totaling €6.7 million to 46 industry events and activities across Europe which are designed to facilitate audiovisual professionals’ access to markets and to promote European audiovisual works.

Out of the 46 initiatives supported, two received funding for the first time: Torino Short Film Market; a co-production platform for short films and First Cut + (directed by the former artisitic director of TorinoFilmLab and founder of the European Network NISI MASA, Matthieu Darras). Projects supported under a previous call, newly received funding again this year including the Galway Film Fair in Ireland -  a marketplace designed to showcase new European and International cinema to leading film buyers, distributors and festival programmers - as well as the European Series Summit organised by Série Series.  

The events proposed will take place in 18 European countries and 38 cities. In addition, internationally-oriented actions will deliver promotional activities in six countries worldwide: China, USA, Argentina, South Korea, Australia and Canada. 

Feedback from the European Commission suggests that there is a growing level of interest in facilitating access to marketplaces, with new initiatives comprising 25% of proposal submissions. There was also an increase in the number of application dedicated exclusively to the video games sector and mixed cross-media/VR/Video games, showing their rising importance in the industry.

The Access to Markets funding aims to bring about European and international co-productions by creating an environment where buyers and content owners can meet, network and negotiate deals.

The full set of results can be found on the EACEA website.

Image: The Torino Short Film Market, now in its 4th year, received funding for the first time.