Creative Europe invests over €5 million into online distribution projects

€5,649,712 has been awarded to 22 organisations in the latest round of funding from the Online Distribution scheme (call numbers 25/2014 and 11/2016), which supports the digital distribution of European films to wider, international audiences.

Under Action 1, which supports Video-on-Demand (VoD) platforms and is renewed every three years, 12 projects continue to receive support (€2.49 million in total), including the UK's Distrify Media and Curzon Home Cinema.

Three projects are awarded a total of €1,470,000 through Action 2, which supports the development of 'online ready' packages, including newly supported initiative from StudioCanal: Making Europe’s greatest Films available online (France: €462,000). Walk This Way 2017 (France) continues to receive funding and The Icon Project (France) is awarded again, after having been successful in 2014 (when the project was entitled EUROVOD).

The releases from 2016’s projects will be much greater in number compared to in 2015, when only one project was selected under this action. Together, the projects selected this year will see 108 European films made available in approximately ten territories with a total of around 950 online releases.

Through Action 3, which supports innovative releases of European audiovisual works, seven projects receive funding. Four have never received support before, including European Cinema and VOD Initiative (Germany), which scored very high. By bringing exhibitors into the world of VoD and exploring new ways in which VoD can be used to facilitate access to European films, the project potentially closes a gap between the theatrical and online world. The other new projects are:

  • Vodeville (Sweden: €60,000)
  • Festival Scope  (France: €130,000)
  • Cut A Way (Macedonia: €58,000)

Speed Bunch 5 (France), The Tide Experiment 5 (France) and IFFR Live (Netherlands) continue to be funded, sharing €970,000.

Read the full set of results from Action 1 and Action 2 and 3 on the European Commission’s website and find out about the scheme on our funding opportunities page.

Image: Black was released day-and-date across Europe this summer through The Tide Experiment 4.