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Creative Europe included in BFI’s new five year strategy

The British Film Institute’s new five year strategy – BFI2022 – has been launched. On 29 November, BFI Chair Josh Berger and CEO Amanda Nevill presented the plan at an event in Birmingham. Building on the previous strategy, Film Forever, it focuses on the future of the art form.

BFI2022 is based on three key priorities:

  • A new approach to funding filmmaking not necessarily destined for the cinema
  • Developing more decision-making and funding outside of London
  • Aspiring to greater diversity of filmmaking and audiences.

Included in the plan, which is arranged around three sections: Future Talent, Future Learning and Skills and Future Audiences, is an International Strategy with continued commitment to Creative Europe, paying particular attention to the context of the UK existing the EU.

BFI2022 reports that the BFI will: “Sustain strong partnership working within Europe to benefit UK screen sectors through working with our European Film Agency counterparts on active EU policy negotiations and making the case for the UK’s continued membership of Creative Europe.”

Find out more and download the full strategy on the BFI2022 website.