Still from Oscuro Animal

Creative Europe-backed World Cinema Fund announces results

Germany’s World Cinema Fund (WCF), which develops and supports cinema in regions with a weak film infrastructure, has announced its first set of results since it received Creative Europe funding.

The WCF will award production support amounting to €220,000 to four new film projects. Two further recommendations for funding were also announced within the scope of the supplementary WCF Europe programme, which was launched with the support of Creative Europe’s International Co-production Funds scheme. The films selected for funding in this section are:

  • Tramontane by Vatche Boulghoujian (Lebanon): €40,000
  • Oscuro Animal by Felipe Guerrero (Colombia): €30,000

These Creative Europe grants support organisations that help European and international co-production partners to meet or provide them with access to international co-production funds. WCF Europe is designed to strengthen trans-european and international co-operation strategies.

For a full list of selected projects, see the Berlinale website.

Photo: Still from Oscuro Animal by Felipe Guerrero.