Creative Europe awards UK video games companies over €780,000

The most recent results from Creative Europe’s Video Games scheme have been released.

Of the 146 applications submitted, 32 were selected and together have been granted funding totalling €3.7 million. Applications were received from 19 participating countries and 13 countries are present in the list of projects proposed for funding.

24 projects from the UK were submitted, the highest number of applications from any country. Six of those applications were selected for funding, with the UK receiving the highest allocation of funding, a total of €787,284 from the EU-wide budget. The six UK developers supported in this round of funding are:

Italic Pig and The Chinese Room both received funding for the second time, having previously submitted successful projects in 2015.

The full list of results from across Europe can be viewed on the European Commission's website.

To be eligible, the games supported need to demonstrate in-game story-telling. Like for the previous years, the most represented genre is adventure games, responding to Creative Europe’s call for narrative-led games. Other genres that are well represented are action-adventure, RPG (Role-Playing Games) and strategy, which contain high narrative content. Four of the projects are specifically targeted at a young audience (children under 12) and were awarded five extra points.

Image Credit: Artwork fromTotal Dark by The Chinese Room which received funding through this scheme in 2015 and is currently in development.