Cooperation Projects deadline

Cooperation Projects deadline announced

The delayed 2017 funding call for Creative Europe's Cooperation Projects has been announced with a new deadline of 23 November 2016, before 11am (GMT). This originally had a deadline of 5 October.

The Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive (EACEA), which manages the Creative Europe funding opportunities, has published the new timetable, alongside new guidelines and eForms. They can be accessed here.

Changes to Cooperation Project guidelines

Important changes to the guidelines since 2016 include the following: 

  • The list of eligible countries has changed. Turkey is no longer in the Creative Europe programme, while Israel may become eligible, provided that the EU-Israel Agreement is signed and notified by the date the award decision of the call is adopted.
  • Interfaith dialogue and facilitating the integration of refugees are more explicitly mentioned in the different priorities of the scheme.
  • The application process is now completely online. However, as the annexes to the eForm are limited to 10 MB, applicants are required to keep a set of documents at their disposal, which they will need to be able to provide immediately upon request. These documents should be ready by the submission deadline.
  • The exclusion criteria is more detailed. All project leaders need to submit a declaration on honour. This declaration will cover the entire partnership. 
  • The way the financial provisions are presented differs slightly, but the content has not been modified.

Projects can start anywhere between the 1 May and 31 December 2017. It may be advisable to avoid an early start date due to the late application deadline. 

The call for European Networks has also been announced with a deadline of 25 November, while the call for European Platforms is expected soon.

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Image: Siobhan Davies Dance is a partner in Dancing Museums, which received €200,000 in Cooperation Projects funding.