Cooperation Projects: 28 UK cultural and creative organisations awarded €2.6 million

The results for the largest funding opportunity of Creative Europe's Culture sub-programme, Cooperation Projects, have been published and 28 UK organisations are involved in the successful applications.  

In 2016 there was a 31% increase in UK-led applications and 38% of all selected projects involve UK arts, creative and heritage organisations as partners or lead partners. These UK-based organisations receive a total of €2.6 million of direct grants from Creative Europe to undertake international projects with partners and peers from across Europe and beyond. 

22% of these selected UK organisations supported are higher education institutions and the others work in fields ranging from heritage and performing arts to dance and music. 

"We are honoured to lead this great opportunity to create an alternative Europe dedicated to independent artists and cultural innovation," said Ali Smith, Chief Executive, Superact. Bristol-based Superact is a lead partner on a Large Cooperation Project, which was awarded €2 million. Entitled FUTURE DIVERCITIES, the four-year project intends to establish a European network of creators to encourage and support creativity, innovation and art production, embedding it into the heart of communities. By supporting and developing independent talent and assisting in the creation, distribution and monetisation of art, FUTURE DIVERCITIES aims to create an economically, socially and artistically sustainable future for creativity across Europe and beyond. 

Another successful lead partner from the UK is Imaginate, a performing arts organisation for children and young people based in Edinburgh. “We are absolutely delighted to have been awarded Creative Europe funding for PUSH. It’s thrilling to be on the verge of a two-year project to explore important ideas with inspiring artists, organisations and young people from Scotland, Belgium, Ireland, Denmark and Norway. As the lead partner for PUSH, we invited some of the most exciting organisations in Europe working for young audiences to be part of this project; five partners who are committed to ‘pushing’ collective thinking around gender, migration and risk. We now look forward to getting started and to sharing our learning with the young audiences community,” said Fiona Ferguson, Creative Development Director, Imaginate. 

Curated Place, who also received Creative Europe support in 2014 for Moving Classics, will work with Manchester School of Art and other European partners on a Small Cooperation Project. “Our success in securing EU funding will allow us to make a step change in our delivery in both Manchester and Aberdeen, as well as providing us with the resources to extend our international network much further afield. Working with Manchester School of Art, I/O Lab in Stavanger and Fondazione Mondo Digitale in Rome, we are excited to meet new talent, create new artistic pathways across Europe and develop a platform for artists, technicians, scientists and audiences to come together working beyond the gallery and beyond national borders,” said Andy Brydon, Director, Curated Place. 

The full results are published on the EACEA website

Here are the UK organisations involved in selected projects: 

Large Cooperation Projects

Lead partner of a selected project: 

  • Superact 

Partners in selected projects: 

  • De Montfort University
  • Sadler's Wells
  • Freedom Festival Trust
  • UZ Arts 
  • Hallé Concerts Society
  • Birmingham City University
  • Aldeburgh Music (a partner in two projects)
  • The Mighty Creatives 
  • Norfolk and Norwich Festival 

Small Cooperation Projects

Lead partners of a selected project:

  • Imaginate
  • Historic Environment Scotland
  • Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Candoco Dance Company
  • Julie's Bicycle
  • The Flying Gorillas (a partner in two projects)
  • Walk the Plank

Partners in selected projects: 

  • Rural Nations (Scotland)
  • Centre for Digital Documentation and Visualisation
  • Curated Place
  • The Place 
  • The Art of Regeneration
  • Shubbak: A Window On Contemporary Arab Culture
  • Middlesex University
  • Root Music 
  • University of Warwick
  • Queen Mary University of London
  • Liverpool Sound City

If your organisation is interested in applying for the next Cooperation Projects deadline on 5 October 2016, please get in touch with our team, read about the opportunity on our website and attend one of our events.

Photo courtesy of Superact.