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The Commission launch new call for media literacy projects

The European Commission is looking for proposals for a pilot project to promote media literacy.

The project aims to increase citizens' ability to think critically about content they receive through social media, as well as traditional media, and to promote a more responsible use of the internet. 

Proposals can cover a broad range of approaches, including:

  • Projects which facilitate a more structured analysis of disinformation propagation
  • Innovative campaigns aimed at helping social media users to exercise critical thinking and responsibility
  • Multilingual online material and interactive tools to improve the capacities of citizens to acquire a critical understanding of information/images accessed via social media
  • Dissemination of best practice.

"Media" is to be understood in its broadest sense (television, radio, press) as well as through a range of channels (traditional, internet, social media).

The deadline to submit a proposal is 8 December 2017.  Visit the Commission’s website for more information.