Catch up on Creative Europe Animation Day

On 27 September, around 100 animation filmmakers came to the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London for a day of panel discussions, break-out sessions and networking with representatives of flagship Creative Europe-funded initiatives, such as CARTOON, Annecy’s MIFA and The Animation Workshop.

Our keynote speaker was Lindsay Watson from Animated Women UK, who gave an overview of her research into the current state of independent British children's animation funding.

In the first panel was a discussion on the benefits of attending an international training course.

Yolanda Alonso (Cartoon Masters and Cartoon Connection), Tim Leborgne (The Animation Workshop) and Annick Teninge (La Poudriere Animation School) discussed the ways in which learning in a group of professionals from across Europe and the rest of the world can help with getting projects to the next stage.

Attendees also heard about the pros of co-productions and the importance of learning how to pitch.

Next, Francesca Walker (Creative Europe Desk UK), gave tips on what makes a successful application for Creative Europe’s three funding opportunities for producers:  Development: Single Project, Development: Slate and TV Programming.

This was followed by a panel of three producers who have received the non-repayable grants available through the MEDIA sub-programme: Helen Howells (Hoho Entertainment), Charlotte Wadsworth (ArthurCox) and Erica Darby (Spider Eye).

They discussed strategies to getting your project selected and tried to define the ‘golden time’ for submitting an application. Charlotte talked about how attending Cartoon Movie helped them with their animated feature, while Charlotte and Helen stressed the importance of relationships with broadcasters when it comes to applying for TV Programming.

Following a networking lunch, there was a session that gave an overview of the financing landscape for European animation projects. Anna Vášová (Visegrad Animation Forum), Mickaël Marin (MIFA) and Iain Harvey (Illuminated Films and an attendee at Cartoon Forum) talked about the various Creative Europe-funded events and how best to approach them.

"You need to know what you want to say and who you want to say it to. And why they need it," said Anna, discussing the perfect pitch.  While it’s possible to do it over email, the panel made clear face-to-face meetings are invaluable. “Forums help make this happen,” said Iain.

Before wrapping up and heading into the break-out sessions with the speakers, we heard from two of Europe’s animation festival programmers Matea Milić (Animafest Zagreb) and Kieran Argo, (Encounters Short Film & Animation Festival). They shared how they work and what they’re looking for, and how to make the most of the festival experience.

Matea suggested submitting your film early and Kieran said to do your homework when choosing which festival to submit to: “Don't think one size fits all for festivals... different festivals have different tastes.”


If you couldn’t make it or want to catch up on the conversation, check out #CEAnimationDay on Twitter and watch this space for videos from the event, available soon on our YouTube page. 
Images are on our Facebook page.

Photo: Linda Nylind