Call for MEDIA experts now open

A request has been sent out with regards to finding new experts for the MEDIA sub-programme's Single Project, Slate and Video Games project assessments.

Experts are relied upon throughout the application evaluation process and it's a requirement that for each call at least 10% of the experts that the EACEA works with are new participants. 

Experts assist the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) by:

  • Evaluating proposals received in response to Calls for proposals (evaluating proposals or supervising a group of experts as lead expert)
  • Evaluating (reports, products and results), monitoring projects/on-site visits and any other tasks relating to the analysis and /or monitoring of programmes and project. 
  • Conducting studies and analysis relating to the fields of activity
  • Translating or editing of documents in the required languages
  • Supporting the EACEA during public events
  • Supporting any other tasks relating to the programmes managed by the EACEA.

You can find out more about the Call for the Expression of Interest here

Potential experts can also get in touch with via the development functional mailbox:

You can apply via the online portal here

Image: Robin Campillo's French drama 120 Battements Par Mintute (BPM (Beats per Minute) received over €500,000 of Creative Europe support for its release in 27 European coutnries including the UK.