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ON THE BLOG: "We are more determined than ever"

After an eventful year, we thought it was time to look back and reflect. Hear from four people whose organisations have benefited from Creative Europe's Culture sub-programme as they explain how 2016 has given them determination, ideas and a renewed sense of purpose.

Fiona Ferguson, Imaginate

“We are delighted to have started PUSH this year at a time when connecting, sharing and learning from each other feels more important than ever.  

"We will celebrate our differences and all that we have in common through our three topics that explore underrepresented voices to ensure children and young people see a more diverse range of theatre and dance performances that reflect their lives and stories.”

Imaginate is lead partner of Cooperation Project PUSH.

Judith Knight, Arts Admin 

"For many of us, 2016 hasn’t been the most optimistic of years! Right from its very beginning, being part of Europe has been crucially important to Artsadmin, and we’ve established strong relationships with colleagues over many years.

"Touring, co-productions, partnerships, three different EU-funded projects, ERDF funding for our building at Toynbee Studios – the connection to Europe has been so beneficial for us, not simply financially, but culturally, ethically and artistically. The idea of those ties being curtailed is alarming, so Brexit has made us even more determined to remain part of Europe, even if the UK isn’t part of the EU.

"Connecting, sharing and learning from each other feels more important than ever."

"In particular, our work with the Creative Europe-funded Imagine 2020 project on the environment becomes more and more crucial. Through that project, for example, we were able to collaborate with Rotterdam Schouwburg, to present the largest European version so far of Amy Sharrocks’ Museum of Water, and Station House Opera’s Dominoes, linking up communities throughout cities, ran through the streets of Melbourne, Rotterdam, Bordeaux as well as Milton Keynes and London.

"We head into 2017 therefore with more and more determination to produce wonderful projects that make a difference in this increasingly divided society."

Arts Admin is a partner in Large Cooperation Project Imagine 2020.

Clymene Christoforou, ISIS Arts 

“In a year that we would not have chosen, our Corners partners remind us that our place in Europe is not bound by the machinations of our political parties, nor the limitations of others’ visions, but by the culture we share, the generosity we show and the imagination to ask the questions that reveal who we are."

ISIS Arts is a partner in Large Cooperation Project Corners.

Carol Main, Live Music Now Scotland 

"Being part of what’s happening beyond Scotland and the rest of the UK is so important for arts and cultural organisations to flourish and develop at home, whether that’s through having a place in shaping international policy, pushing the limits of one’s own personal boundaries or sharing and exchanging know-how, skills and experience with peers.

"After the EU referendum, we at Live Music Now Scotland are more determined than ever to be part of the wider European picture."

Live Music Now Scotland is a member of European Network the European Music Council.

Image: Breakdown workshop - Brett Bloom (c) Oliver Rudkin

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