ON THE BLOG: Three tips for your TV Programming application

With the deadline for the TV Programming scheme fast-approaching on 30 May, hear from three companies who have recently received the funding: 

Hugh Hartford, Co-Founder and Creative Director at Banyak Films – received €50,000 for documentary Thank You for the Rain.

“…the core team behind this film comes from nine different countries and I think to be able to show you are already working creatively across borders builds the argument that the film will have a strong international appeal.”
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Ruth Fielding, Joint Managing Director and Producer at Lupus Films – received funding for their adaptation of illustrated children's book We’re Going on a Bear Hunt 

“Dot your i’s and cross your t’s. Attention to detail is crucial, particularly in terms of the budget. It’s also important not just to think about the production of your project, but the marketing and publicity strategy for disseminating your work after it’s finished too.”
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Lesley Calmels, International Coproductions, Awards & Rights Manager at Brook Lapping – received funding for Expedition New Earth series

“Advice would be I guess to allow a decent amount of time to put the application together – navigating the process and portals can be quite mind-boggling.   It can be a tough call to balance presales with leaving enough key territories for a distributor to want to put up a decent minimum guarantee.”
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For more help and information for your TV Programming application, read our tips and resources article, take a look at the scheme overview and examples of previously funded projects on our website and get in touch.

Image: TV Programming-supported projects Hinterland and We’re Going on a Bear Hunt