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ON THE BLOG: The Impact of Creative Europe in the UK

Creative Europe Desk UK has previously published an in-depth evaluation report The Impact of Creative Europe in the UK [PDF] which highlighted that Creative Europe’s benefits far exceed the monetary grant funding, and revealed new details about the programme’s powerful effect on building international networks, growing audiences, generating jobs and skills, and much more.

The report framework covered key areas such as Economic impact; Internationalisation and networks; Innovation, research and development; Skills and capacity; Audiences and cultural impact; Social impact. A six page summary of the findings is available to view here.

As the current Creative Europe 2014-2020 programme draws to a close, we are soon to publish the full 2019 results and start work on our 2020 Impacts Report and Survey; UK beneficiaries and organisations can expect to hear from us soon and we would be very grateful for your expert input and insights to reflect on the legacy of the programme in the years to come, in light of the news that the UK will not seek the participate in the next programme from 2021.

Our existing Impacts Report includes individual case studies from Creative Europe beneficiaries including MUBI, Candoco Dance Company, Fiction Factory, FACT Liverpool and the Nerve Centre, with headline statistics highlighting key outcomes:

  • Creative Europe grants leverage additional funding. UK organisations in Culture projects have more than doubled their Creative Europe grants, generating over €20 million in match-funding, while MEDIA beneficiaries in the UK leveraged match-funding worth nearly €120m.
  • Creative Europe helps the UK’s creative industries reach audiences at home and internationally. Culture projects funded with UK partners are set to reach 61 million audience members – with 7 million of those based in the UK.
  • The value of the UK to other countries in Creative Europe is underlined by how widely the UK businesses and organisations are embraced as partners. UK organisations in Culture projects have worked with over 743 partners across 34 countries.
  • Creative Europe helps the wider circulation of UK films. In MEDIA, distributors and sales agents outside of the UK have spent 19% of the grants awarded to their sector on acquiring and releasing UK films in their territories. The revenue generated by these films is just under €400 million.

Direct links to the reports and resources:

The Impact of Creative Europe in the UK: Summary

The Impact of Creative Europe in the UK: Full Report

Fact sheet on Creative Europe Impacts

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We are always keen to hear from you if you have any queries, or about success stories from Creative Europe projects, so please do get in touch