ON THE BLOG: Ed Dallal talks MEDIA funding

Spring Films' development producer gives his tips for submitting a Creative Europe application, tells us how they actually used MEDIA funding and what that’s meant for their company.

What have you most recently received funding for? Is this your first Creative Europe grant?

"Spring Films received funding for a Development Slate. This was our first grant."

What stage is the project at now?

"We submitted three projects for the slate. Currently, two are in production and one is unlikely to proceed any further."

What has MEDIA funding enabled you to do that you may not have otherwise?

"These three projects were all one-off documentaries which are notoriously difficult to fund, especially in the early stages. MEDIA funding supported an extended development period with in depth research and for two of the projects we were able to film and edit a 'teaser / trailer'.

"This comprehensive development was key to generating funding and ultimately moving into production."

Has anything surprised you in terms of what it has allowed you to do?

"Spring Films has a great reputation for producing fantastic, high-end documentaries and we are in the position of having strong relationships with key broadcasters and platforms. However, a success rate of two out of three is impressive even by our standards and I think MEDIA support is at the heart of that success."

What advice would you give to potential applicants?

"Tell the story of what you intend to do in full at every stage. Do not assume that the person reading will know what is standard practice as this may vary from country to country and within industries. The more you tell them, the easier it is to gain the points needed for a successful application."

Find out more about the Slate development funding scheme and see the latest results on our website. The next call is scheduled to be published in October 2016.

Image: Edward Dallal and the Spring Films logo