ON THE BLOG: Banyak Films on applying for TV Programming funding

Banyak Films recently received funding through the TV Programming scheme for documentary Thank You for the Rain (formerly Before the Flood). We ask Co-Founder and Creative Director Hugh Hartford a few questions about why they were successful and what the money means to them.

Tell us about Banyak Films

“Banyak is a London- and Devon-based company making international films for cinema, TV and digital since 2006. Our credits include Ping Pong, a feature film released theatrically worldwide and credited with kick starting a table tennis craze in care homes across the UK.”

“We've had films screened at the UN, The Hague, and the UK Parliament and have been the creative producers behind over 100 environmental documentaries. More and more our production finance comes from international co-productions between broadcasters and foundations across Europe.”

Why did you apply for Creative Europe’s TV Programming scheme?

“We had over 50% of our production budget in place and a long list of European broadcasters on board but the film still had a budget hole to fill.”

Why was your application successful? Do you have any advice to potential applicants?

“I think our taster material showed we were going to produce a strong piece of visual journalism and we already had interest from broadcasters from across Europe.”

“But more than that, the core team behind this film comes from nine different countries and I think to be able to show you are already working creatively across borders builds the argument that the film will have a strong international appeal.”

What is the benefit of this grant to Banyak Films? Why is that important?

“For our company this grant will be a big boost to our confidence as producers of international film. Partly through necessity out of the state of UK finance for international projects but mostly out of curiosity and hunger for outward looking stories with universal appeal we've been carving out our own little niche in financing international storytelling. To get Creative Europe funding at this stage is a real affirmation we're doing things right.”

Why is Creative Europe funding important to you?

“As a creative producer/director a lot of my work is building momentum behind projects. Once there's enough people behind a film you get to that magic point where it has a momentum of its own, but until this point projects demand constant attention to keep the traction up.”

“Creative Europe funding is part of building the momentum behind Thank You for the Rain without which none of these films would be made.”

Find out more about the TV Programming scheme read the latest results on our website.

Image: Banyak Films received €50,000 for documentary Thank You for the Rain (formerly Before the Flood).