Still from Force Majeure (large)

Automatic distribution results announced

The European Commission has published the latest results of Distribution: Automatic scheme (Generation 2015). This funding rewards distributors for releasing European films from another country (non-national films). The more successful the films are at the box office, the bigger the grant they will receive.  

Altogether, €24 million have been allocated to 243 European distributors from 30 countries.  

The six UK distributors that secured grants received €410,000 in total, including a newcomer to Creative Europe: Entertainment One (€100,000). Other countries that received a similar amount of funding are Denmark (€376,000), Czech Republic (€500,000) and Hungary (€420,000).

The largest proportion of the funds went to Germany and France where, in both cases, 24 distributors received €3.74 million collectively. In Italy 12 companies were supported and received €3.3 million, while ten Spanish distributors received €2.5 million. Austria, Belgium, Poland and the Netherlands all received more than €1 million.  

The funding can now be used by distributors to pay for minimum guarantees and/or the prints and advertising (P&A) costs of their new European, non-national acquisitions. 

So, which distributors should have the deepest pockets next year? Here is a handy list of the top ten awardees, so you can spot them easily at the markets and festivals:

Italy Notorious Pictures 961,130
France STUDIOCANAL 656,828
Germany Concorde 639,177
Austria Constantin Film 613,551
Italy Eagle Pictures 591,467
Spain A Contracorriente Films 589,184
Germany STUDIOCANAL 551,991
Germany Universum Film 462,960
Poland Kino Swiat 460,145
France Diaphana Distribution 393,412

Photo: Curzon Film World supported the UK release of Turist (Force Majeure) through the Automatic scheme in 2014.