Automatic distribution 2019 results announced

The latest results from Creative Europe's Automatic distribution scheme have been published. This funding rewards European distributors for releasing European films from another country (non-national films). The more successful their films are at the box office, the larger the grant they are able to generate, allowing them to reinvest in other European, non-national acquisitions.

Altogether, almost €23 million has been allocated, supporting 247 applications from 32 countries. UK distributor's supported include:

  • Magnetes Pictures who generated a grant of €55,857 from their UK admissions, as well as a grant of €10,943 from their Irish admissions.
  • StudioCanal who generated a grant of €29,143
  • Peccadillo Pictures who generated a grant of €16,427

The largest proportion of funds went to France, where 23 distributors yielded over €3.6 million collectively. In Italy, 16 Italian distributors received €2.6 million, whilst 17 Spanish distributors received over €2.5 million, and 16 German distributors received €1.9 million.

The grants generated can now be used by distributors towards film financing and/or release costs of thieir new European, non-national acquisitions.

Read the full list of results on the EACEA website

Image: Mr Jones received support through the Automatic Distribution scheme.