Arts, sciences and education call for continued UK participation in Creative Europe

Artist Mark Wallinger and scientist Professor Brian Cox are among UK supporters of a cross-European set of recommendations delivered to Brexit negotiators in the UK and EU that aim to secure the futures of innovation, research and the arts. 

The recommendations come from a consultation of more than 500 leaders in education, science and research, arts and culture from across Europe, facilitated by the British Council. 

The Our Shared European Future document has so far received over 400 official endorsements from people in 28 European countries. Notable endorsers include Amanda Nevill, Chief Executive Officer at the BFI; the head of the Creative Industries Federation John Kampfner; the European Cultural Foundation; Culture Action Europe; the V&A; British Museum; Tate; the Centre for Fine Arts in Brussels (BOZAR); and university representatives.

The recommendations include:

  • Continued UK participation in and contribution to multilateral programmes such as Erasmus+, Creative Europe and Horizon 2020;
  • Engaging young people in future policy-making and offering every young person in the UK and other European countries the opportunity of an inter-cultural and international experience, through areas such as study, work, performance, research, language learning or exchanges;
  • Ensuring those in the education, culture and science sectors and young people involved in exchanges remain able to move easily between the UK and other EU countries, possibly in the form of a simple, cheap and easy to obtain ‘culture and education permit’; 
  • Guaranteeing residency rights for EU nationals currently living and working in the UK and vice-versa.

The communiqué states that: “For centuries, British scholars, scientists and artists have worked and shared ideas with their European counterparts, producing an untold number of scientific breakthroughs, academic achievements and great works of art, enriching us culturally and economically. This exchange of ideas and creativity has survived wars and revolutions. We must ensure it survives Brexit.”

Show your support by endorsing the recommendations and joining the conversations on Twitter #SharedEuropeanFuture.