Arts Council England releases two reports on Brexit impact

Arts Council England has commissioned two new reports looking at the potential impact of Brexit in England.

1. Funding from EU sources

A short report was commissioned from EUCLID to examine how the arts, museums and creative industries in England have been accessing EU funding.

What are the headline findings? 

It finds £345 million was awarded between 2007 and 2016 from various EU funding sources, equating to around £40 million each year when budget timetables are taken into account.

What does the report say about Creative Europe?

  • In the period in question (2007-2016), nearly €29m in direct funding was allocated via Creative Europe's Culture sub-programme, and its predecessor Culture programme.
  • The Culture sub-programme and Culture programme provided the second highest average grants of all of the transnational EU funds, with the highest being FP7 / Horizon 2020.

Read the report: Assessing the European Union’s contribution to the arts, museums & creative industries in England 2007-2016

2. Impact of Brexit survey: 2018

ICM conducted a survey for Arts Council England of 992 arts and culture organisations to understand the impact of EU exit on their businesses.

What are the headline findings? 

  • The majority (89%) of those surveyed see artistic development as the most important reason for working across borders. 
  • 67% of respondents currently work inside the European Union, with ‘touring exhibitions’ and ‘sending UK artists abroad’ being the most popular types of activity. 

What does the report say about Creative Europe?

Of the organisations surveyed who receive European funding, this was most commonly via Creative Europe. 

Read the report: Impact of Brexit on the arts and culture sector

Image: Eternal Voyages Pafos Harbour Show Created by Walk the Plank & Rob Vale. Walk the Plank is a National Portfolio Organisation of Arts Council England and a beneficiary of Creative Europe's Cooperation Projects funding strand.