Artists Abroad: Report on i-Portunus mobility scheme published

The EU Commission has published its report Artists Abroad: i-Portunus the EU’s First Mobility Scheme for Culture outlining the successof this mobility scheme in terms of the number of applicants and the feedback from participants.

The i-Portunus pilot mobility scheme was launched in 2019 and ran for three open calls, supporting 33 UK-based visual and performing artists to travel in Europe for short-term projects, and also enabling international artists to create work in the UK.

With a budget of €1 million under the Creative Europe programme, the project funded 337 individuals in the performing and visual arts to go abroad and make their career more international, improve their skills and broaden their networks, with over 3000 applications.

Based on testimonials from the participants, i-Portunus resonated most with young and emerging artists. Almost half of the participants were below 35 and 85% had a yearly income below €15 000.

With a grant ranging from €1 500 to 3 400 each beneficiary was able to spend between 15 to 85 days abroad. As a result of their experience:

  • 97% said they acquired new skills
  • 94% developed new audiences or outlets for their work
  • 94% developed new co-productions or co-creations
  • 49% received a job offer or new contract

This mobility scheme will be incorporated into the new Creative Europe programme (2021-2027) with increased funding.


“These connections made me feel that the UK/European family was genuinely close, with shared worries, joys, laughs etc. and the experience combated that isolationist point of view that we often encounter in UK. It was therefore a very fruitful, fulfilling project.”

Sarah Boulter, UK-based i-Portunus participant who travelled to Germany


“By travelling to London I was able to fully participate in the International Residency at the Royal Court Theatre. I spent three weeks attending sessions with playwrights, directors and professionals from the UK theatre world, as well as getting to know and exchanging ideas with the other 8 European playwrights.”

Almudena Ramírez Pantanella, Spain-based i-Portunus participant who travelled to the UK