Applied to Cooperation Projects? Here's 5 pointers

Congratulations to the UK arts, culture and heritage organisation that submitted applications to the 2018 Cooperation Projects call.

We expect the results for this call to be published in June 2018. In the meantime, here are some final pointers from the Culture team at Creative Europe Desk UK:

1. Get in touch and tell us about your project. Even better, share your final application, or parts of it, if you can. It’s helpful for us to know what has been submitted as we don’t get these automatically. It won’t be seen by anyone outside of the Creative Europe Desk UK team unless you give permission, and helps us do a better job.

2. Keep in touch. We don’t hear about results before they’re made public so we’re keen to hear the good (or not so good) news when you get it. 

3. Keep an eye on your inbox (including your junk inbox), as you may be asked for ‘supplementary documents’ in the coming months for the Participant Portal. Make sure that you have received a confirmation email and reference number. If not, contact the helpdesk.

4. If you have any thoughts, comments and suggestions for improvements to the application process, it would be great to receive them. We can then feed these back to the Executive Agency (EACEA) and the European Commission. Additionally, if there are any suggestions or comments you’d like to make about Creative Europe Desk UK’s support, we’d like to use these to continue to improve our advice. Let us know

5. Feel like you didn’t get it quite right? If your project application is selected for funding, you can still make changes to the project if you make the case well. For example, if you want to move a workshop location or adjust the budget, you can still do that. 

If you're now looking to the 2019 Cooperation Projects deadline, remember we are here to help. We can help you develop you project, the partnership, and the ideas behind it. Sign up to the newsletter to be the first to know about our events across the UK and keep an eye on the UK’s eligibility updates for reassurances about the UK's participation in the programme.

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Image: Cooperation Project Let's Dance Exhibition Launch (c) The Camera Quines