Creative Europe beneficiaries event

After the referendum: Culture beneficiaries event

What do beneficiaries think about Creative Europe and its future? What are the challenges and opportunities that we face in the current environment?

Earlier in November, we brought together over 40 beneficiaries of Creative Europe's Culture sub-programme to Birmingham for a day of sharing thoughts, brainstorming and workshopping. 

We wanted to find out how successful applicants of Creative Europe are responding to the EU referendum outcome and how they see European and international work changing after a possible exit from the EU. 

"What if we make the case that – if we are going to do 'Brexit' – we should use the creative and cultural industries to internationalise everything we do?"  Jonathan Meth, Crossing the Lines

Some of the common themes and trends that emerged from the day included: 

  • A consensus that staying in the programme would be the best option for the UK's creative and cultural industries
  • A strong desire for other European and international voices to participate in the discussions around the post-referendum settlement and the future of Creative Europe
  • An exploration of how beneficiaries can 'join up' to influence decision makers about the future of Creative Europe and the post-referendum landscape
  • Some concern over whether national replacement funds would go on stimulating international cooperation in culture as effectively and efficiently as Creative Europe does
  • A sense of needing to be realistic. If we are leaving the EU and the Creative Europe programme, how can we control potential damage?
  • While the UK is still in the programme, how can the sector make the best of the networks and knowledge-sharing that Creative Europe offers?

We also heard from Cathy Graham, Director of Music at the British Council, who spoke about how cultural relations can play a part in strengthening the UK’s role on the world stage post-referendum, and outlined the British Council's plans for future activities regarding the arts and the EU.

Christoph, Steph and Zoe explained the current status of Creative Europe in the UK, explaining that there are no changes until at least the end of 2018 for UK applicants. We also mentioned the Culture, Media and Sport committee inquiry into the impact of 'Brexit' on the creative industries. Access our submission

What can you do? 

We work hard to support UK organisations applying and making the case for long-lasting European collaboration. We rely heavily on our network of beneficiaries - organisations who have received support from Creative Europe (or even Culture 2007-13). If you are a beneficiary, we need:

  • Your stories about how working with Creative Europe has made an impact  
  • Statistics and data on your Creative Europe projects and events
  • News about your Creative Europe projects and events – we can help promote them.

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Christoph Jankowski