ACE Producers announce partnership with Screen Scotland

The ACE Annual Reunion 2020 will be held in Scotland thanks to a new partnership with Screen Scotland. It will be the first time that an ACE Workshop or Annual Reunion has been held in the UK since the association’s inception in 1993.

ACE is an exclusive network of experienced independent film producers from Europe and beyond. Their training programme is supported through the MEDIA sub-programme's Training scheme and supports producers such as Emily Morgan in realising their professional ambitions. 

Held in a different European country each year at the beginning of April, the ACE Annual Reunion is the climax of this year-long training programme for the 18 producers that will attend the ACE 29 session. The event is the chance for them to meet the established members of the ACE Network. All of ACE’s alumni from the association’s 26 years will be invited to reunite for the long weekend in Scotland to participate in special sessions, exchange news and set-up new collaborations. The Annual Reunion gathers, each year, between 70 and 90 ACE producers and consultants from all over the world.

The ACE Annual Reunion in Scotland in 2020, will be a unique chance for the ACE Network to get to know Scottish professionals, visit Scottish facilities and locations, and learn about the shooting and financing opportunities available to them. The event will also enable local accredited professionals to network with ACE members and to benefit from confidential content.

ACE Director and Head of Studies, Jacobine van der Vloed, highlighted the importance of holding the event in the UK. Speaking of the association’s British ties she said:

“ACE has always been intrinsically linked to the UK: Co-founded by British producers, initially run by a Scottish director and overseen for years by a long serving British president. It seems incredible that no major ACE events have been held there. We are delighted by the welcome offered to us by Screen Scotland and look forward to working together."

Isabel Davis, Executive Director at Screen Scotland said:

“We’re very excited to be welcoming the ACE Annual Reunion to Scotland, and can’t wait to show off our amazing country, whilst bringing Scottish producers into the fold of this unique and prestigious network of European producers and film professionals. Scotland has a strong relationship with co-production partners across Europe and we look forward to strengthening our ties with European partners through this project.”

The ACE Annual Reunion in Scotland will be held from 3-5 April 2020.

The call for applications for the ACE 29 Session is now open and the deadline to apply is 12 June 2019.