Still from Paulina by Santiago Mitre

Creative Europe backs new funding device for distribution

As we reported in the last edition of Creative Europe Desk UK's MEDIA newsletter, the Centre National du Cinéma et de l’image animée (CNC) was one of five organisations that successfully secured backing from Creative Europe’s MEDIA sub-programme. The Creative Europe grant was awarded through its International Co-production Funds scheme, with CNC securing funding for the first time among a number of repeat awardees. The grant will go towards supporting the new component of its World Cinema Support (Aide aux Cinémas du Monde or ACM), ACM Distribution, which is dedicated to the international distribution of films supported by CNC during production. 

The new fund aims to promote the European and worldwide circulation of international co-productions from the catalogue of films supported by ACM, and involving a non-European partner. 

This support will be open to European companies that offer innovative international distribution and promotional strategies for one or several ACM films in at least three territories, one of which must be European (excluding France), and one from outside of Europe. 

Frédérique Bredin, president of the CNC said, “I am delighted about this first partnership with Creative Europe’s MEDIA sub-programme, which enables ACM to be one of the driving forces behind the co-operation between Europe and auteurs all around the world. I would like to sincerely thank the European Commission for having placed its trust in us and given us its backing in this trial.”

Indeed, this European project represents a way of contributing to the protection and promotion of cultural diversity. ACM has to date supported 156 titles directed by filmmakers of 64 different nationalities, including 46 non-Europeans, and this year’s Cannes Film Festival selected a record number of 17 ACM-backed films. 

Bredin continued, “It’s a real opportunity for ACM films, which are a reflection of worldwide creation and regularly win awards at the major international festivals, to grow and to foster their commercial distribution in theatres and on online platforms in a higher number of countries.”

The full details of ACM Distribution including relevant amounts and application criteria will be announced in September, alongside the first call for applications.

Photo: Paulina by Santiago Mitre, which won the Critics' Week Grand Prize at Cannes earlier this year, was supported by the Worldwide Cinema Fund.