4 tips for communicating your Culture project

Recognition is key

Your marketing should make it clear that your project is a Creative Europe project, for example by crediting with the sentence: “With the support of the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.”

Be sure to use the right logo and meet the visual identity guidelines. It is important that stakeholders are aware of how much the current Creative Europe programme supports. When you tweet, you can be part of the bigger conversation by using the hashtag #CreativeEurope and tagging us @ceduk_culture.

Show and tell

A mixture of data, documentation and stories will help bring the impact of your project to life. For example: have you created jobs or run workshops? If so, how many?

Do you have images, video footage or testimonials from people involved? What are the educational or social outcomes of your project?

What is the value of working collaboratively across Europe, not just in terms of match funding generated by the partnership, but the skills learned, relationships formed and how far it has enriched the art that has been produced?

Remember to let us know about impact and any project evaluation you have done so we can build a stronger picture of Creative Europe’s benefits. 

Networks work

European Networks exist tosupport and strengthen the cultural and creative sector across Europe. Get in touch to see if they can help you to:

  • a. communicate by promoting project activities
  • b. disseminate by sharing your project outcomes.

We can help

Creative Europe Desk UK can help to spread the news relating to your project. We have access to a network of 12,000 newsletter subscribers and 8,000 followers on social media, as well as a well-trafficked website, so let us know how we can increase the exposure of your work. Get in touch.