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2020 Literary Translation funding in the UK

Creative Europe’s Literary Translation funding opportunity supports publishers and publishing houses to translate works from one European language to another. Selected works are also supported in their production and promotion.

The fund aims to support cultural and linguistic diversity in Europe, promote the transnational circulation of high quality literary works, as well as to improve access to these literary works so that they can reach new audiences. The translation of books for which the authors have won the EU Prize for Literature is particularly encouraged.

The most recent funding call in 2020 saw two first-time beneficiaries awarded Literary Translation funding, with Peirene Press publishing three titles in their ‘Anatomies’ series. Centrala Books’ funding will allow them to produce print and eBook editions of seven compelling graphic novels that were originally created in Czech, Polish, and Dutch.



“We are delighted to have been awarded Creative Europe funding. Centrala is an independent publishing house specialising in graphic novels and comic books for children and adults alike. Creative Europe support means we can spread our wings, broaden our offer, and engage more with readers in the UK. The funding enables Centrala to intensify our publishing activities, champion cultural and linguistic diversity of Europe and produce print and eBook editions of seven compelling graphic novels that were originally created in Czech, Polish, and Dutch. Creative Europe funding has already enabled us to select some of the most critically acclaimed comic books that convey the core of the European heart through a refreshing and highly engaging medium. The books are centred around the themes of sense of belonging, European history, identity, and social cohesion. As a result, the project extends Centrala’s record of introducing English-speaking audiences to masterpieces of socially responsive European literature. The funding also allows Centrala to work with some of the most experienced British translators to ensure that the original texts’ excellence is matched in English. What’s more, we want to address the digital shift by establishing Virtual Book Club—a pioneering platform devised to champion cultural contexts of European literature and the role of professional translators. We are convinced that the Creative Europe funding is going to immensely support our publishing and public engagement activities. Watch this space! “



"The funding will help us to publish our 2022 'Anatomies' series -  three books that centre around body and feature narratives of love, loss and recovery. We begin with Winter Flowers by the French writer Angélique Villeneuve, which tells the story of Jeanne, whose husband is injured in the First World War. The impact of this trauma is relayed by Jeanne as she struggles to connect with her husband. The next book is Marzahn Mon Amour, a short story collection by the German writer Katja Oskamp. It is the story of a 44-year-old failed writer who retrains as a chiropodist; what follows are intimate portraits of her ageing clients and their struggles. The final book is Body Kintsugi, by the Bosnian writer Senka Marić. It follows a woman's journey through breast cancer, surgery and chemotherapy. She uses the Japanese art of Kintsugi (using liquid gold to fix cracks, to highlight an object's history) to show that scars are a map of our histories. We selected these texts from women authors because they centre the female experience and question beauty standards through their exploration of age, disability and illness. In the context of the global pandemic, which has reminded us of our debt to carers, we chose these books for their emphasis on 'unseen work'; like the working woman looking after her disabled husband and child, or the chiropodist who becomes a friend to her elderly clients." Stella Sabin, Publisher, Peirene Press


Wales-based Parthian also received year two funding for their current project.


"Parthian are publishing award-winning novels from Greece, Macedonia, Denmark and the Czech Republic in exciting year of new fiction supported by Creative Europe”, Publisher Richard Davies commented. Readers are always looking for strong stories, a different perspective, an insight into a new culture: with these four exciting novels, including three winners of the European Prize for Literature, we are bringing significant new writers to the English language for the first time. It is an exciting journey working with people across so many countries and cultures and only possible through the support of Creative Europe”. Richard Davies, Publisher, Parthian


In 2019 The Poetry Translation Centre was a first-time beneficiary of Creative Europe funding for thee project ‘Beyond Europe’.

“The Poetry Translation Centre is delighted to have received funding for our project 'Beyond Europe, Inside Europe' from the EU's Creative Europe literary translations scheme. 'Beyond Europe, Inside Europe' will publish new collections of poetry from four of the most exciting writers based in Europe who are working in or coming from non-European languages and cultures. An ambitious touring schedule will accompany the publications and give UK audiences the chance to enjoy the living diversity of European literature. The project will see new work published by the Lebanese-French poet Vénus Khoury-Ghata, Eritrean-Italian poet Ribka Sibhatu, Georgian poet Diana Anphimiadi and Algerian-French poet Habib Tengour.” Ed Doegar, Commissioning Editor, The Poetry Translation Centre.


Literary Translation finding since 2014  has seen more translations of UK authors into other languages than any other country, featuring contemporary fiction from Zadie Smith and Phillip Pullman to the literary classics of Virginia Woolf. Support has also allowed EUPL-winning novels to reach the UK, as well as works from Nobel Prize for Literature Laureates. Over 280 books have been translated into English to date.