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20 for 20: Stories from Creative Europe in the UK - new publication and video

Before Creative Europe Desk UK closes on 31 March we are sharing a series of inspiring case studies and insights from UK beneficiaries of Creative Europe from 2014 to 2020.

Creative Europe funding of €111 million was awarded to the UK, but as these testimonies show the impacts went far beyond the financial benefits and built lasting, international connections. As a complement to our policy-focused Impacts Report publication, we curated inspiring stories together under 20 thought-provoking themes to mark the end of the programme. 

From video game developers in Northern Ireland to dance companies in Wales, heritage organisations in Scotland to cinemas and arts organisations in England. This is Creative Europe in their words:

You can also download a PDF copy of the publication. 


We have also launched our showreel on YouTube, and hope you will be inspired as you look back on highlights of seven years of innovative cultural, creative and audiovisual sector activity from across the UK in beneficiaries' own words and videos:

Check out our YouTube channel for more in-depth beneficiary case study video interviews that will soon be added to our playlist.

We would like to thank Creative Europe beneficiaries featured for their generous contributions as well as the hundreds of other UK companies, organisations and individuals that have embraced European collaboration and have their own stories of international working to tell from the seven years of the programme and beyond.

We hope you can add to the conversation and share your own highlights and memories using #StoriesFromCreativeEurope, and join us in celebrating the legacy.


CREDITS: With thanks to all our UK beneficiaries and those who contributed to case study interviews, statements or provided project videos featured here.