2 UK participants selected for CPH:LAB 2019/2020

CPH:LAB - CPH:DOX’s talent development and training programme - has revealed the nine immersive documentary projects that have been selected for its next edition. Two of the projects have teams based in the UK and they are:

  • Munkination by HAM, Isabelle K & Maf’j Alvarez; an immersive hiphopera and VR experience, which places the audience member at the centre of a futuristic adventure story about climate change.
  • Dark Origins by Jelena Viskovic & Calum Bowden; a VR discovery of strange lifeforms that live under our feet, in an ecosystem deep inside the Earth twice the size of the world’s oceans. 

21 participants were selected from eight countries overall, with 104 projects submitted in total. CPH:LAB 2019/2020, which receives support from Creative Europe through the Training scheme, will commence  on 13 September 2019 with a residential workshop in Copenhagen. 

Head of Studies, Mark Atkin, will lead the professional team of mentors, among whom are Arts and Digital Programmer of Tate Modern, Jonathan May and award-winning immersive Theatre Director and Experience Designer, Annette Mees, both of whom are from the UK. 

Since 2009, the lab has been seeking to advance new visions of what a documentary can be. With an expanded focus, the lab is now exploring the potential of interactive and immersive digital technologies, integrating alternative business strategies and cross-sector partnerships in a new approach to develop stories in the digital age.

Find out more about all the selected projects on the CPH:DOX website

Image: CPH:LAB's 2019/20 cohort, courtesy of CPH:DOX