11 EU films funded under new Selective Distribution rules

The first set of results for the MEDIA sub-programme's Selective Distribution scheme in 2019 (call number EACEA/28/2018 - deadline 08/01/2019) have now been published.

In this round of funding a total of €4.6 million was awarded to nine sales agents from four different countries including France, Poland, Germany and Sweden. This will support the theatrical release of 11 European films outside of their country of origin. These sales agents will now allocate the funds to distributors within the grouping in order to promote and release the film in that country.

The films included in the selection are:

  • Non-Fiction / Double vies, directed by Olivier Assayas (France)
  • The County / Heradid, directed by Grímur Hákonarson (Iceland)
  • By the Grace of God / Grâce à Dieu , directed by François Ozon (France)
  • Yuli, directed by Icíar Bollaín (Spain)
  • Manou the Swift directed by Christian Haas, Andrea Block (Germany)
  • Piranhas / La paranza dei bambini directed by Claudio Giovannesi (Italy)
  • Amanda directed by Mikhaël Hers (France)
  • Up and Away / Hodja fra Pjort directed by Karsten Kiilerich (Denmark)
  • Claire Darling / La dernière folie de Claire Darling directed by Julie Bertuccelli (France)
  • Edmond directed by Alexis Michalik (France)
  • Britt-Marie Was Here / Britt-Marie var här directed by Tuva Novotny (Sweden)

Although information about which UK distributors are involved in which groupings has yet to be revealed, we do know that UK distributors were involved in four of the 11 successful applications and are set to receive support totalling €146,404. However, this could increase as it is now possible for sales agents to allocate up to 10% of the total grant they receive to distributors who come on board after the application deadline.

The scheme has recently undergone a series of changes, the main one being that the application is now driven by the sales agent. It used to be that the each distributor would submit their own application and receive their own grant and contract. Now the sales agent collates information from the distributors to include in their application and one application is submitted on behalf of the entire grouping. This means that there is now only one contract and one grant – which is awarded to the sales agent for re-distribution among the grouping. 

The change in rules has also seen a positive effect on the size of the grouping required for selection. The average number of distributors attached to each project at the time of application in this round was 14, this is a significant reduction from applications selected under the previous rules in the last deadline, where the average was grouping size was 26. 

The scheme has also moved away from lump sum payments where a fixed amount was paid out depending on the country of distribution and the number of screens the film played on. Now there is a points based award criteria, allowing applicaitons to be assesed on and rewarded for:

  • collaboration and partnership working
  • the strategy around the coordination of the grouping
  • links with online platforms and producers
  • the quality of the marketing strategies and how cost effective they are

See the full results on the EACEA website

Image: Non-Fiction starring Juliette Binoche. Image courtesy of Curzon Artificial Eye.