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13 May 2020, 8:00AM

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23 Dec 2019

What does this support?

Music Moves Europe is the overarching name for the European Commission's initiatives that support the European music sector.

There are two calls and two tenders as part of the Music Moves Europe pilot that together aim to test suitable actions with a view to more targeted EU support for music post-2020. Other calls will follow with 2020 deadlines. 

  • Call: Training Scheme for Young Music Professionals
  • Call: Online and Offline Distribution
  • Tender: European Music Export Strategy
  • Tender: Observatory

The calls and tenders have different guidelines and different deadlines. See the below sections for more information on each one.

CLOSED: Music education and learning

This music education and learning call aims to identify and support innovative approaches to support at least 8 innovative proposals to music education and learning through cooperation between the music and the education sector.

As detailed in the call guidelines [PDF], project activity should be aimed at school-aged children (defined as between 6 and 14 years old) and could include workshops, summer schools or AV/digital tools for example. The objective is to test small-scale projects with a European dimension.

Music education can be beneficial in many ways; however, the scope of this call will be limited to projects that contribute to foster social inclusion, i.e. to allow children to have access to musical education and learning that would otherwise not have this opportunity. Social inclusion means in this context providing the necessary support to all learners according to their particular needs, including those from disadvantaged socioeconomic backgrounds, those from a migrant background or those with special needs

Activities must start at the latest on 1 November 2020 and  the maximum duration of projects is 15 months,

The maximum grant per project will be EUR 30,000.00 and the Commission expects to fund at least 8 proposals. 

More details and apply

DEADLINE: 30 April 2020 13:00 CET/ 11:00 UK

Deadline extended to assist applicants whose organisations and activities may be affected by Covid-19 

Call Reference: EAC/S53/2019

CLOSED: Co-Creation and Co-Production scheme for the music sector

This Music Moves call supports a Co-Creation and Co-Production scheme for the sector.

The general objective of this call is to identify and support at least 10 innovative and sustainable pilot co-production and co-creation programmes for songwriters and musicians in with a clear European added-value in order to facilitate the development of the European music scene. The focus should lie on bringing together songwriters and music performers with different nationalities and backgrounds in order to create a diverse learning environment that nurtures creativity and enhance mutual learning. The ‘programmes’ should focus on emerging artists and should have a clear vision on how the outputs, notably the newly created songs, will be promoted in order to reach the audience. The maximum grant per proposal will be EUR 50,000. 

Organisations applying should read the full guidelines including key objectives and eligibility criteria. Please contact us if you need advice or support with your application.

DEADLINE: 13 May 2020 9:00 CET/ 8:00 UK

Deadline extended. 


Reference:  EAC/S18/2019

CLOSED: Study on the Health and Well-being of Music Creators

The present call for tender aims at undertaking a study on the specific health risks and concerns that affect musicians and creators of music. The general objective of this call is to deliver an expert study that provides a general overview of the occupational health risks musicians and music creators face, and an EU-wide mapping of existing initiatives contributing towards the prevention and treatment of adverse health issues related to performance and musical creation.

This study should identify successful interventions and experiences. Through the analysis of these cases, the study should identify possible solutions on how to improve the health and working conditions and career longevity of musicians and music creators. Overall, the study should foster the exchange of best practices and information for a more holistic and sustainable approach in this field.

This call is published within the context of the Preparatory action “Music Moves Europe: Boosting European music diversity and talent” aims at paving the way towards the “sectorial support for music” as a new element for the next Creative Europe Programme after 2020.

DEADLINE: 3 February 2020, at 13.00 Central European Time/ 12:00 GMT


Reference:  EAC/12/2019

CLOSED: Cooperation of small music venues


The present call for proposals - Cooperation of Small Music Venues - aims at promoting sustainable live music distribution through cooperation between small and medium sized music venues. This is in order to stimulate innovative collaboration models and to enhance venues’ role and identity in the local community.

The general objective of this call is to increase the music venues’ capacity to remain competitive in a fast changing market and regulatory environment

Deadline extended 

16 December 2019

More information

Visit the website to view the full guidelines

CLOSED: Pilot project to support training for young musicians


This new Creative Europe call seeks to identify and support at least 10 innovative and sustainable pilot training programmes for young musicians and professionals in the music sector, which should have a European dimension. The aim is to foster diversity and talent in the European sector, and boost business-related skills for young people in the music industry

Read our blog article for a summary of the call.


31 October 2019

More information

Visit the website to view the full guidelines

CLOSED Call: Online and Offline Distribution


The general objective of this call is to support European music diversity by identifying and supporting existing innovative methods promoting online and offline distribution models, as well as newly generated ideas, through the selection of 10 grant proposals.

These proposals should enhance the cross-border circulation of music repertoire in order to overcome the existing barriers imposed by the international hits or other obstacles such as visibility, language and market fragmentation in the music sector.


17 September 2018 

More information

Visit the website and and view the full guidelines

CLOSED Tender: European Music Export Strategy


The general objective of this tender is to develop a proposal for a European Music Export Strategy that promotes Europe’s music diversity and talent and enhances the competitiveness of Europe’s music sector on the international market.

The Strategy should help policymakers to take more informed decisions about music exports and enable music decision-makers to align their choices accordingly.


29 June 2018

More information

Visit the website and and view the relevant documents.  

CLOSED Tender: Observatory


The objective is to design a feasibility study for the establishment of a European Music Observatory, and undertake a gap analysis of funding needs for the music sector.


2 July 2018

More information

Visit the website and and view the relevant documents.