European Year of Cultural Heritage Cooperation Projects



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22 Nov 2017, 11:00AM

The call was published on

14 Sep 2017

What does this funding support?

This call is now closed.

This funding opportunity supportted transnational Cooperation Projects that reflect the purpose of the 2018 European Year of Cultural Heritage:

  • Reinforcing a sense of belonging to a common European space
  • Promoting cultural heritage as a source of inspiration for artistic contemporary creation and innovation, and strengthening the interaction between the cultural heritage sector and other cultural and creative sectors.

Projects are encouraged to consider within their timeline highly visible activities in their first year to mark the 2018 European Year of Cultural Heritage. 

  • You would apply as a partnership of a minimum of 3 partner organisations from 3 different eligible countries;
  • You can apply for a grant of up to €200,000

This overview is intended for guidance only. The guidelines for the deadline can be found on the website of the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA), which administers Creative Europe.  

Please note that the usual call for small and large Cooperation Projects that are not related to the Year of Cultural Heritage has a separate deadline of 18 January 2018. Applicants can only apply under one strand.

Who is this funding for?

Cultural organisations, e.g. museums, libraries, archives, concert halls, opera houses, theatres, festivals, orchestras, music groups, drama groups, film archives etc.

The following types of entities are not eligible as project leader:

  • Higher education institutions (including but not limited to Universities) and related research oriented foundations, associations or organisations
  • Research institutions and/or organisations, foundations or associations working in the research field
  • Tourism organisations and/or associations.

The applicants (the project leader and the partners) must be active in the cultural and creative sectors and be legally established in one of the countries participating in the Culture sub-programme of Creative Europe. Both the project leader and partners must be in a position to demonstrate their existence as a legal entity at the deadline for submission.  

Individuals may not apply for a grant. 

Full eligibility criteria is outlined in the guidelines.  

How much can you apply for?

Partners could apply for a grant of up to €200,000 (maximum of 60% of the total project budget). 

Match funding is required and the partners decide how much each organisation agrees to contribute. 

How can you apply?

The deadline was 22 November 2017 at 11am GMT.

Here was our advice for preparing for the application process:

Creative Europe Europe Desk UK offers free advice and support for Creative Europe applicants from the UK. You can attend one of our free events to find out more about what makes a good project;

If you are thinking of applying, get in touch with our Culture specialists across the UK as we also offer one-to-one sessions in person, over the phone or via Skype;

Read through the 2018 guidelines

Read the Guide to the Financial Management of your Culture sub-programme project, watch the e-tutorial and catch up on our Financial Management and Reporting workshop on YouTube.

Sign up to our newsletter to find out about forthcoming seminars, application workshops and other events;

All applications are submitted electronically, so new applicants must first obtain a Participant Identification Code (PIC) by registering for an ECAS account and enter company information into the Participant Portal. Please visit our FAQs page for further instructions. 

Which countries are eligible?

Organisations from the following countries can apply:

  • 28 EU Member States
  • EEA / EFTA countries - Norway and Iceland (not Switzerland)
  • Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Former Yugoslav, Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, Republic of Serbia, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine
  • Tunisia is now eligible 
  • Turkey is no longer eligible
  • International (non-eligible country) partners can participate, but they are not included in the minimum number of partners required (3 for Small Cooperation Projects, 6 for Large) and they can only spend up to 30% of the total project budget.

Creative Europe Desk UK is advising UK organisations to continue to apply as usual. 

Look at an up-to-date list of eligible countries.

When is the deadline?

This call is now closed. The deadline for Cooperation Projects related to the European Year of Cultural Heritage was 22 November 2017 at 11am GMT.

The usual, annual call for Cooperation Projects has a separate deadline. Please see the separate Cooperation Projects funding opportunity page for details.