A Woman's Work

Ffotogallery Wales Limited

Cooperation Projects



Total project grant (euros)




Funding scheme

Creative Europe

Call number

EACEA 34/2018

Project date

1 Oct 2018 - 30 Sep 2020

Number of partners in project


Lead organisation

Ffotogallery Wales Limited, Wales


La Photographie Au Chateau D'eau, France

Irish Gallery Of Photography Designated Activity Company, Ireland

Lietuvos Fotomenininku Sajungos Kauno Skyrius, Lithuania

A Women’s Work is a 24 month collaborative programme in which four cultural partners in the United Kingdom, Lithuania, Ireland and France will work together in pursuit of the following objectives:
• to enable artists and cultural professionals from across Europe to cooperate around the making and presentation to audiences of new work focusing on the changing face of women and work in Europe, with a sharing of professional experience and practice using both physical and online platforms
• to create new opportunities for artistic exchange within Europe, increasing the mobility of artists and cultural professionals, utilising our respective networks and contacts to extend audience reach and the impact
• to offer new perspectives and dialogue on cultural difference and commonality in Europe, deepening audience engagement and offering new insights into contemporary European experience and identity
• to establish a digital platform which presents the project to a global audience, in order to stimulate discussion which challenges the dominant view of gender and industry in Europe, a resource that will continue to grow and support further transnational co-operation beyond the life of the project

Central to the project is a commitment to joint working, manifest in reciprocal opportunities for artists and creative professionals from across Europe to travel to and work in each other’s countries. The key outcomes will be creative collaboration in the form of planning, development and co-production of exhibitions, artist residency and commissioning opportunities, print and online publishing, educational programmes and digital engagement activities. Another important dimension is skill sharing and knowledge transfer between the partners that will be gained from joint planning, delivery and evaluation of the project, itself providing a lasting legacy. 

"We're delighted to have received Creative Europe funding. Being launched during the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018 A Woman’s Work will raise awareness of common history and values – and promote a timely and important inter-cultural discussion about how women are shaping the future landscape of work in Europe."

Image credit: The British Nylon Spinners Factory, Pontypool (c) Maurice Broomfield

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